#DCM19 is upon us and are you ready for a weekend of improv fun?


#DCM19 is the hashtag you should use for all your Del Close Marathon fun but first, what is the Del Close Marathon anyway? Well, it’s make believe.

For those who don’t know what #DCM19 is, don’t worry. I’ll enlighten you. When the UCB 4 brought the bucket of truth down from space, they were taught by a pretty incredible man. He explained to them how you can make make believe funny.

When this brilliant man died, the UCB 4 decided to put on an improv festival that would match no other. And since then, it has become a three day extravaganza for only the greatest of improv gods.

Okay so now the easy to read version: The UCB 4 are the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts are responsible for a huge improv community here in New York City.

Their teacher from Chicago was the amazing Del Close. When he died, the 4 decided to make an improv festival in his honor and the rest in history. It is a fun weekend where we improvisers literally just pretend all weekend long for all hours of the night. How fun is that?

And sometimes you spot wild celebrities running around. One year, I was in line for the bathroom and turned around to see Jason Mantzoukas staring at me. And then I went into the bathroom and Ellie Kemper was there! It’s real fun!

But the festival is not for the faint of heart. It’s three days of jampacked improv and when you get to Sunday, most are ready for the attack. I personally am in two shows this year and I made sure to reserve seats for Chris Pine (he’s never been) and Tim Meadows (he’s performing) to both. So hopefully they show up!

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You can download the DCM app now for all your scheduling needs and get ready! #DCM19 is here and we’re ready!