SDCC Funko Pop! collection is here and we have fun Harry Potter ones!


San Diego Comic Con Funko Pop! collections are a hot commodity and now there are some really special Harry Potter ones coming our way

Having your favorite Harry Potter character as a Funko! Pop is an important part of any fans life. For me, buying Sirius Black was a rare moment. He sits proudly on my nightstand and I love him as if he was my own son.

But now some fans get to experience that with a whole new group of Funko! Pop dolls created specifically for San Diego Comic Con. Remember that cute little beast of Newt Scamander’s that could fill whatever space he was in? Well, now he can fell whatever space you put him in!

With a Luna, Harry, and the Occamy are three new Harry Potter Pops that are exclusive to SDCC! They come with a whole bunch of Warner Brothers exclusives including Dead Winchester from Supernatural and figures from Lord of the Rings.

But that’s not all that’s important, what’s important is how adorable these Potter figures are. Let’s look at Luna for a second. For most, this is how we remember her. When we talk about Luna Lovegood, we talk about the pink glasses when she met the golden trio for the first time.

For Harry, it’s quintessential Harry. He’s in his Quidditch robes and ready to take on the game. The Occamy is just adorable no matter what so this Pop is just to give something to fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as anyone with a heart.

Really, look at how adorable it is!

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Is there still a Funko! Pop you’re missing from the Harry Potter universe? Which do you want? Let us know in the comments!