Check out the Mission Impossible 6 ladies line-up that mixes old faces and new


While some call The Mummy one of Tom Cruise’s worst films, one of his best, Mission Impossible, hits theaters next summer and has a lot of cool women in it.

Tom Cruise’s current film in theaters is The Mummy, which has been met with several bad reviews but continues to make money overseas. Of course, this is most promising for the entire Dark Universe franchise from Universal and the star himself, Tom Cruise. If you look at some of his recent films, there are a lot of hits and misses there. But like Vin Diesel and The Fast and Furious franchise, Tom Cruise has a franchise of his own that he can count on.

And obviously, that’s Mission Impossible.

Currently filming its sixth entry, Tom Cruise carries the franchise with awesome stunt scenes, a thrilling mystery (Come on, Rogue Nation was awesome) and an incredible supporting cast.

Like most of the James Bond films, Mission Impossible always features one competent gal that knows how to handle a pistol. In fact, the newer the film, the better the female star is. Arguably, Paula Patton changed the tides first in Ghost Protocol. 

But, in my opinion, Rebecca Ferguson may just be the best agent to grace the franchise.

Instead of choosing favorites, director Christopher McQuarrie opted to just give us a photo of all of them together. At least, the ones for Mission Impossible 6.

Check it out:

Despite seeing her disappear at the end of Rogue Nation, Ferguson’s definitely returning for Mission: Impossible 6. Further, her return is coupled with Michelle Monaghan’s. Monaghan debuted in Mission Impossible III as Ethan’s wife. She was ultimately captured by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s villainous character, Owen Davian. After Ethan saved her, they split ways. Although, he clearly kept in touch considering we saw her again in the next film in a short cameo.

Joining them are Vanessa Kirby and Angela Bassett. Sian Brooke will also star, but she’s not pictured above. For the men, Mission Impossible also added Henry Cavill.

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Mission Impossible 6 opens in theaters on July 27, 2018.