25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Jesse Katsopolis – Full House

Every woman alive in the 1990s and who was old enough to stay up on Friday nights had a crush n Uncle Jesse. In fact, men and women across the galaxy are still crushing on John Stamos, and with good reason.

Jesse started out as the free-spirited, rockstar uncle that had lots of girlfriends and knew very little about raising little girls. He had the whole Three Men and a Baby thing going on for him for a handful of seasons, but once Becky made an honest man out of him and the twins came along, he really had that sizzle.

Watching a man change a diaper, rock a baby, or love on his wife is probably the most desirable a man can get. Sprinkle in a stint with the Beach Boys and you have a real heart-breaker situation. Even with that silly mullet and leather vest, Jesse was killing it in the hot dad department. Of course, by the time he was an actual hot dad, he’d chopped off the party in the rear and lost the tee shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Compared to vanilla-dad Danny and goofy Joey, Jesse was the obviously more eligible of the three bachelors and had so much going for him, you kinda felt sorry for the other two schlubs on the show. Sure, Jesse has his dorky moments, but when you’re as handsome as John Stamos, you can get away with a lot of questionable behavior. I’m not sorry. It’s true.