25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Ricky Ricardo – I Love Lucy

Despite all the yelling, sexism, and emotional abuse, Ricky Ricardo was one good looking fella. All that thick, dark hair made him seem mysterious and his adorable accent added to his allure. From a distance, Ricky as a real catch.

He was rich, talented, famous, and had quite the way with the ladies. Ricky could woo you with a song, mesmerize you with the bongos, or buy you fancy presents that came in a big box with a big fancy bow. He was, by all accounts, an engaging and charismatic man.

However, once you got to know him a little, you realized he was wildly controlling and misogynistic. Of course, he was a product of the the mid-century values, but he did a lot of hollering at Lucy for just being herself. Maybe she put up with it because he was so dashing and charming. He had a way of smiling using his eyebrows that could melt any heart.

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But it doesn’t seem like Lucy benefitted from all that sex appeal. They slept in separate beds, so she probably wasn’t getting much chance to enjoy his masculine wiles. It’s a miracle they even got pregnant with a son. They must have pushed their twin beds together when we weren’t looking.