25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Michael Bluth – Arrested Development

Michael Bluth may not be the roughest or toughest dad on the list, but he’s still a pretty good catch. These days, masculinity comes in all sorts of flavors, and Michael is proof that you don’t have to know how to kill a man or sleep with all the women to be a “real” man.

I also enjoy how Michael is always the straight man to all his ridiculous and whacked out family, and I find his willingness to be the butt of the joke wildly sexy. When everybody around him is losing their mind or engaged in ridiculous shenanigans, he always keeps his head on straight, and sometimes I can’t help but feel so attracted to him in those moments.

Jason Bateman is the king of playing the straight man, and I’ve never seen a man make a rumpled suit look so good or work a grown-out hair cut so well. There is really something to be said for an understated strength and reliability. I know it doesn’t seem like Michael Bluth is setting the world on fire with his sexual prowess, but he’s steady, well-adjusted, and knows how to handle crazy folks.

Even better, Michael has an insane mother and unstable sister, which means he has a lot of experience in dealing with difficult women. Even in your darkest moments, you’ll never be as bad as what he had to contend with growing up. You’ll look like a saint compared to that crazy town he calls a family.