25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Sandy Cohen – The O.C. 

Sandy Cohen is the perfect mix of East Coast cool and West Coast hippie. He may hail from New York City, but he’s assimilated pretty into one of the richest areas in Southern California. Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows made quite the impression on the folks from The O.C. and he landed one of the most beautiful and affluent women in the city. None of that really matters when you have those adorable floppy bangs and heart for social justice.

Mostly, Sandy Cohen is an all-around swell guy. He’s the man you call when you’ve been accused of laundering money (because that’s a real pesky recurring problem, apparently). Sandy is also the guy you call when you’re shoulders are tense and need a rub or your father has an illegitimate daughter that you need to get rid of. He’s a man of many talents and that, friends, is super hot.

As far as hot dads go, he puts the emphasis on the dad. Sure, he’s a handsome man, but he’s also a really good father to the adorable Seth and adopted trouble-maker Ryan. Some might say he’s more friend than parent, but Sandy knows when to lay the law down, and I totally respect him for it. In my opinion, he might do better to stand up to his wife a little more – with her meddling father and irksome old flames hanging around, Sandy has to muster a lot of patience just to exist as her husband. If he was my hubs, I’d never make him loan my ex-boyfriend money, and that alone makes me a better catch than his wifey.