Kevin Spacey has been found as our Tony Awards host and we loved it


Most Tony hosts bring us to tears and Kevin Spacey was no different. He just went about it in a different way then most of his counterparts.

When it comes to Tony Award openings, Kevin Spacey had a pretty good number. Now it wasn’t my all time favorite because there have been some incredible ones but Kevin did a pretty great job. For those of you who aren’t theater nerds, I’ll explain a bit about what an opening number is meant to do.

Basically the opening number gives us looks at the shows up this season as well as sets the tone for what we’re to expect out of the entire ceremony. Kevin’s featured Dear Evan Hansen to start and went into such musicals as Groundhog Day and Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.

And just when I was about to write it off as a pretty mundane opening, Kevin pulled out quite a turn of events. This season, we got a revival of Sunset Boulevard and it took Kevin Spacey singing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” for me to really start crying.

It got pretty amazing from there where Kevin Spacey did a tap number and got us ready for the show that was about to come. After all, it was a pretty amazing show full of fun performances and even Joe Biden!

But to really show everyone what an incredible opening looks like, I’ll give you my favorite one.  I want to show what a really moving Tony performance can do, so here is James Corden’s opening number for the 2016 Tony Awards.

Can you spot the difference? It’s not that Kevin’s performance wasn’t incredible, there’s just something different between these two performances and they’re both ‘first time hosts’!

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You can watch the Tony Awards after the fact but check back here later today for all the complete winners!