Doctor Who season 10, episode 8 live stream: Watch The Lie of the Land online


Doctor Who Season 10 continues this Saturday, with a brand new episode. Here’s all the info you need to watch “The Lie of the Land” online.

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The latest season of Doctor Who continues with the final episode in a three-part story focused on creepy new villains the Monks. Last week, the desiccated monsters invaded Earth. And they managed to take it over, thanks to the Doctor’s decision to keep the secret of his blindness from Bill. Because in order to save his life, his companion needed to restore his sight. So she decided to trade his vision for the planet, and surrendered the Earth to the Monks. It was a heartbreaking, selfish and completely human decision, and the fallout from it is sure to play out in many dramatic ways.

The official episode synopsis certainly makes life on Monk-controlled Earth seem pretty dire. And that probably means bad things for everyone on Team TARDIS.

"Earth has been invaded and Bill is living alone, an isolated figure surviving in occupied Britain. The Doctor is imprisoned and appears to be on the side of the enemy, flooding the airwaves with fake news. Bill and Nardole must embark on a deadly mission to rescue the Doctor and lead the resistance against the new regime, whatever the cost."

You can watch the trailer for “The Lie of the Land” below:

BBC America also released a preview clip from this episode. This week’s features Bill and Nardole attempting to hide their identities from some sort of guards. Which doesn’t exactly look like it’s going too well.

Notably, the trailer reveals that Michelle Gomez’s Missy returns once more in this episode. And though we’re all probably glad to see her, we have pretty much no idea how she’ll play into this story. When last we saw the Mistress, it was in the flashback that revealed her as the prisoner in the Doctor’s mysterious vault. Is she still there in this new Monk-controlled reality? If so, will Bill set her free? And if she does, will Missy help the Doctor or hurt him?

Here are all the details you need to watch Doctor Who online this week: 

Date: Saturday, June 3

Start Time: 9 p.m. ET

TV Channel: BBC America

Live StreamStream 1 | Stream 2

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Doctor Who airs every Saturday on BBC America at 9/8c. Be sure to come back on Sunday for our recap and review of the episode!