15 TV shows you forgot about (and some you wish you could)

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Caroline in the City

In case you aren’t noticing a trend, I really like shows about hapless, disorganized, single women, trying to figure their life out in the big city. It’s just a personal affection of mine – probably because I’m all of those things trying to figure my life out in my medium-sized city.

Caroline in the City starred Lea Thompson as the quirky, adorable, successful cartoonist, Caroline Duffy. The show gets its name from Caroline’s super successful comic strip, which loosely equates to the real world, Cathy. For those of you born after 1990, a “comic strip” was a funny drawing that occurred in a print periodical – like a newspaper or magazine. Google it, if you’re still confused.

This show aired during NBC’s “must see TV” Thursday night line up, and was sandwiched between Seinfeld and ER.  Although it was a major player at the time, it hasn’t held up in our collective memories so well. It’s too bad, though, because this show paved the way for women to openly talk about their sexuality on TV. Those Sex and the City girls should send Caroline a muffin basket for her efforts. All her romantic shenanigans were the precursor for all that raunchy stuff that happened over there at HBO.