Potter fans: What is up with the Harry Potter generation now after the series has come to an end…well, sort of


Harry Potter fans are a loyal bunch and even now, when the series is kind of wrapped, they’re still just as excited as ever.

The Harry Potter series is something that means the world to us all. That’s a simple fact. We have worked out whole lives around going to midnight premieres and book releases all because we love it so much.

So what is happening with the Harry Potter generation now years after the series has come to an end? Well, we’re still just as obsessed as ever. That’s right guys, fans of J.K Rowling’s wonderful series can never seem to stop obsessing over Harry and his friends.

I don’t know what it is about the series, maybe it’s the fact that we grew up with it, but we always are searching for more Potter news. We want to be enthralled in that world time and time again because it is such a part of how we all grew up.

I know for me that it reminds me of my best friends. We would anxiously await the next installment and sit and read it in the same house. Never the same room because we didn’t want each other’s reactions. But we did at least read it near one another. And we’d run to the midnight premiere of every movie.

It just reminds of a simpler time when we were just waiting for more Harry Potter. The world wasn’t as dark to us (maybe it was but we were too young to realize or care). And we could just enjoy a world full of magic and wonder.

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So, what’s your favorite Harry Potter memory? What do you think of most when you think of this series and what it means to you?