J.K Rowling strikes again with her take down of Donald Trump


When it comes to Donald Trump, his loudest critic may just be Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. She continually take to Twitter to tear him down.

Time and time again, J.K Rowling takes to Twitter to share her opinion on Donald Trump. This time, it came when one Twitter user saying “Shut the hell UP. You’ve poisoned the minds and spirits of millions of CHILDREN”.

Of course Rowling couldn’t just let it go, and we wouldn’t want her to. She responded with a “Muahahahahaha…” and continued on her merry Twitter way. But she’s had some good responses to the trolls as of recently.

The best came when a former ‘fan’ of Rowling decided to burn all her Harry Potter books. Many fans were upset because the girl in question could have easily donated them to a charitable cause rather than just burning them for the sake of Twitter.

So Rowling decided to comment on the event with quite the exciting quote:

"“Guess it’s true what they say: you can lead a girl to books about the rise and fall of an autocrat, but you still can’t make her think.”"

And Rowling isn’t wrong. The books are a series depicting the rise and fall of an autocrat (Voldemort) so the comparisons of Trump to him are not too far off. It’s just hard for fans of the series who support him to see him compared to someone we’re taught to hate.

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So no matter what your political stance is, you have to admit: Rowling has some sick burns. She speaks her mind and makes sure we know how she feels about the current state of the world. And really, her books are the reason many of us are as outspoken as we are. So we can’t really blame her.