Patty Jenkins talks why Wonder Woman is the new Superman


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is just as much of a fan of the superhero as we all are and she is talking about why she’s the next Superman.

Patty Jenkins spoke with Uproxx about why she thought that Wonder Woman is the new Superman. And to clarify, that means that this movie is going to be reminiscent of the 1978 Superman starring Christopher Reeve.

For those who don’t know, the film was revolutionary  and is still considered one of the great superhero movies. And in a way, Wonder Woman is exactly that. The movie gives us a hero we’ve loved for years but had never seen on our big screens.

And this isn’t exactly the first time Patty has talked about being influenced by Superman. When I saw her at the AOL Build for the film, she brought it up then too. But the most amazing part of this Uproxx interview was Patty getting to talk about being the one who got to make Wonder Woman.

"I’m so psyched I got to make Wonder Woman. I am so thrilled I got to be the one who did it. But what was sitting in the palm of our hands? The chance to make something beautiful and say something beautiful about being a hero in the times we are in. It was just too important not to try for exactly what we hopefully gave and what you’re reflecting back to me – that thrills me."

And we wouldn’t want anyone else making this film. Patty did an incredible job and the movie is definitely the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters this June 2. Get your tickets now because this is definitely one movie you’re not going to want to miss.