Stephen Colbert has a math problem for Donald Trump


Stephen Colbert is at it again with his targeting of Donald Trump but we wouldn’t have it any other way. But can Trump solve this math problem?

Stephen Colbert has continued to tackle Trump each and every night. His monologues have tackled everything Trump had done the previous day and he’s called out those who are continually supporting him. He isn’t letting this group get away with anything.

And the most recent attack Stephen made? Well, that was on Trump about his proposed budget. For those who don’t know, there was a huge mathematical error in it that would benefit absolutely no one.

“Donald Trump is an idiot,” Colbert said about the accounting blunder and so Stephen decided to give Trump a math problem. Because according to Trump’s team, the blunder happened because they didn’t want to “assume” anything.

So Colbert, of course, couldn’t just let that go. He made sure to explain that ‘assuming’ just makes a you know what out of Trump’s team. After all, it is a 2 trillion dollar mistake. No really, that’s how bad it is.

“If a train leaves Washington D.C traveling 40 miles an hour, please get on it.” And while many of us agree with Stephen, it is a pretty funny set up. Many of us thought that maybe we would really get a math problem but we should have known better.

Honestly it is just a wonderful video that points out the flaws in Trump’s plan and how badly it is going to be for everyone. Especially since there is a 2 trillion dollar blunder in it.

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Stephen Colbert is killing it right now with all his coverage on Trump and we’re excited to be a part of it. After all, who else is going to tell Trump to get on a train and leave?