Luxie Beauty wants to bring out your inner Wonder Woman


California-based makeup brand Luxie Beauty partnered with Warner Brothers to create a unique line of Wonder Woman themed beauty brushes, available May 31.

Are your beauty brushes worthy of your inner wonder woman? California-based makeup brand Luxie Beauty wants your makeup routine to be as powerful as you.

Just in time for Wonder Woman‘s June 2 premiere, Luxie Beauty is releasing a Wonder Woman beauty brush set. The company partnered with Warner Brothers for the product, which is now available for pre-order ahead of its May 31 release date.

For $95, you receive five brushes: a flat kabuki, beauty buffer, angled buffer, tapered kabuki, and fan brush. The set also comes with an exclusive compact mirror. Wonder Woman’s shield inspired its design, making this bonus gift one of the most exciting parts of the set.

Luxie Beauty’s high quality products are vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic. The Wonder Woman brushes are ideal for sensitive skin types because they are high quality and synthetic. They’re also gorgeous.

In line with its core principles, Luxie Beauty’s Wonder Woman set is about more than a flawless set of tools with which to apply makeup. The company actively seeks to inspire its customers with every product, something they talk about explicitly on their website.

On the product page for the Wonder Woman set, Luxie Beauty states, “This beautiful set is a reminder to women about their unique power, confidence, and bravery to take on everyday like Wonder Woman. This set has been designed to help you show off your inner Wonder Woman to the world!”

The launch date is perfect for fans who want to go all-out in their fandom for the June 2 movie premiere date. If you use the Wonder Woman brushes, Luxie Beauty encourages you to share your look on social media!

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