David Thewlis is important in Wonder Woman and that’s why we love him!


Wonder Woman is coming out next week and our lovely David Thewlis is in a pretty important role but it just reminds us why we love him!

While we can’t talk spoilers about David Thewlis in Wonder Woman, we can talk about how much his performance reminds us of what made him a wonderful Lupin. Thewlis is an actor we’ve known for some time. From his work in The Big Lebowski to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and more, he’s just a great actor.

And now he’s at the forefront of our minds once more. Again, his character in Wonder Woman is going to remain a mystery to you all until you get to see the movie but know this: everything we ever loved about David and more is present in this movie.

He’s a great actor, that much we have always known, but he’s just an incredible feature in any movie he is in. It’s hard to talk about what makes him so great as Sir Patrick Morgan but when you get to see the movie, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Though he isn’t featured too heavily (or really at all), you remember him. You come out of that movie and you’re talking about Diana and Steve and even David Thewlis’s performance. He just steals the scenes he is in and you want to know more and more about his character.

But when hasn’t Thewlis done that? Lupin became our favorite even more so once he was played by David. We cared about him and his friends and his family so much and I personally think a lot of that is due to David’s performance.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. Tickets are on sale now and you should get yours now. It’s a movie you definitely don’t want to miss.