Fargo s3ep6 “The Lord of No Mercy” live stream: Watch online


As Ray and Nikki seek revenge for real and imagined insults, season 3 of Fargo kicks into high gear. Here’s how to watch this week’s episode.

Season 3 of Fargo doesn’t have the epic scope of its predecessor, which set its crime tale against the backdrop of 1970s political turmoil. Yet, it feels more spread out than usual. For starters, one episode hopped all the way to Los Angeles. Also, the myriad plotlines tend to collide only briefly before drifting onto tangents again, like particles.

That might change soon. Last week, Nikki got entangled in V.M. Varga’s criminal enterprise in a rather shocking way. For a moment, we assumed she was a goner. But somehow, she managed to survive – a relief for those of us who would hate to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead wasted like that.

She’s not out of the woods just yet, though – far from it. If Yuri and Meemo meant to scare her off, they’re in for a surprise. Nikki and Ray don’t forget or forgive easily, and this incident will only embolden them further. Unfortunately for them, small-timers rarely fare well in Fargo.

What reckless scheme will they concoct next? Here’s the synopsis for this week’s episode, called “The Lord of No Mercy”:

"Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth, Emmit tries to make things right, Nikki and Ray prepare for payback and Varga cleans up a mess."

Basically, everyone’s doing what they’ve been doing for the past couple weeks. We’re sure the above description doesn’t come close to doing justice to whatever Fargo has in store for us. With whom does Emmit want to reconcile? Ray? (We doubt it.) Stella? Will he try to backtrack on his contract with Varga? Or will he dig a deeper hole?

In contrast to previous titles, “The Lord of No Mercy” is straightforward, at least on the surface. So far, this season has mostly confined religion to passing references and half-baked musings, so we’re glad to see a return to the existential concerns that define the Coen brothers’ universe.

Find the live stream below:

Date: Wednesday, May 24

Start time: 10 p.m. EST

Episode: “The Lord of No Mercy”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now | Additional resources

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Dearbhla Walsh directs this week’s episode from a script by showrunner Noah Hawley.