15 best moments from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 production still. Image: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix (via Netflix PR).

Episode 4: Lillian’s filibuster

In an attempt to keep a fresh produce grocery store out of her neighborhood (she’s still opposing gentrification), Lillian has a filibuster in front of the city council. And what a filibuster it is! She names things in the room, including far more chairs than there actually are. She sings a song; she tells stupid stories; she orders pizza. Her filibuster ends when she falls asleep due to Kimmy, thinking a bear in PJs on a box meant a really tough bear who stole someone’s clothes, bringing her Sleepytime tea after she filibusters for far longer than anyone should. The result? The motion passes without her, but Lillian gets to oversee the project — a job she accepts with absolute relish.

Lillian may have the fewest truly meaningful character moments in the season (don’t worry, she gets at least one later!), but her continuous insight into the world of politics on a local (and, humorously, on a national level!) continues to prompt sardonic laughter with each new tactic she tries. Lillian’s frustration with how government actually works truly is all of us most of the time. The real story, of course, is how she and Artie teach one another about “how the other half lives” as their relationship blossoms. It all started with gentrification!