Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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Lori Grimes – The Walking Dead

Audiences hated Lori, mostly because of her adulterous affair with her husband’s friend, Shane. They don’t believe she waited long enough to start a new relationship, even though she did think Rick himself was dead. Fans are also pretty mad that she had unprotected sex with said best friend and decided to bring a baby into this post-apocalyptic world run by horrific zombies. Okay, fine. I’ll concede that.

Her Lady Macbeth style of wifery also made her a target for all the Ricktator fans, but I’m a little less inclined to be mad at her for it. When all societal rules break down, and you’re fighting for your life against monsters unimaginable, do we really have time to invoke all these dumb gender roles? She was doing Lori, and of course, she made some pretty grave mistakes – mostly it was the cut off jean shorts/heavy boot combination.

For all the Lori-haters out there, rest easy. She got what you think she deserved, and died in the most gruesome way imaginable. Getting eaten whole by a zombie, while your son looks on, is apparently, according to The Walking Dead writers, fair punishment for being too mouthy or lusty. Lesson learned.