Unlikable TV Characters: We hate them because they really deserve it

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Ross Gellar – Friends

One of the more lovable characters on the list, Ross Gellar’s crimes of unlikablity are pretty innocuous. He never tortured a prostitute, committed domestic abuse, or sold his loved ones out to a drug dealer, but he sure did get on our nerves.

He was incredibly high-strung. While this could be endearing at times, mostly it was just grating. His voice would go up several octaves, his eyes would widen, and he would start to gesticulate wildly. He was frenetic flurry of neurotic energy, and it often sucked up all the air in the room. He was a human buzzkill.

He had some obvious insecurities, which I don’t fault him for, but it’s the sum of his bad traits that makes me feel less empathy for him. I blame the desperation for my repulsion, but it could be the condescension, the relentless judgment, or the constant state of victimhood.

He perceives that the world is out to get him, and it’s a total bummer. Everybody knows someone who thinks everything is conspiracy against them, and these are also the folks whose phone calls and texts we avoid. And don’t even think about dating him. Because if you break up, he’s going to be a dick to you and every man you ever date for the rest of eternity.