Alden Ehrenreich is here as Han Solo and we have some thoughts


Harrison Ford made Han Solo the iconic character we know and love today but now the question is, can Alden Ehrenreich fill those shoes?

Early Friday morning, TMZ tweeted out some pictures from the new Han Solo movie and fans had some thoughts. Well, more importantly they had some feelings. Here’s the thing about the new movie: many people would rather they just not make it.

There is such a mix of great things about it paired with terrible decisions that many wish it just wasn’t happening in the first place. Donald Glover is going to be playing Lando Calrissian, which is perfect, but then we have Alden playing Han.

While he’s a pretty great actor, he doesn’t really look like Harrison Ford. And yes, that’s not the most important part of Han Solo but it is rather important. But besides that, these pictures of whatever costume you can see him wearing show us his ‘Han Hair’ and it lacks a scruffy looking quality to it.

Now while the set pictures do help to set the scene by giving us two set pieces and a look at Alden as Han but that’s pretty much all we have. There’s no Lando, no Chewie, no Emilia Clarke, and no Woody Harrelson.

The worst part of the entire article though? When TMZ uttered this phrase.

"Harrison Ford‘s out and Alden Ehrenreich is officially tapping into ‘Star Wars‘ … and we got the shots of him reporting for Han Solo duty."

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Because let us be clear, Han Solo is always and forever going to be Harrison Ford. He’s not out or gone or anything. But with that said, Alden Ehrenreich is probably going to be pretty amazing as our favorite scoundrel so we can’t really complain.