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I Love Dick – Now

Starring: Kevin Bacon and Katherine Hahn

Premise: Bacon plays Dick Jarret, a cowboy artist living in an artistic commune in Marfa, Texas. Dick collects other artists and creatives and offers them guidance and mentoring toward their creative potential. Katherine Hahn plays newcomer to the compound, Chris, who comes with her husband to find her artistic center. Dick is, well, a jerk to her, and dismisses her work outright. This acts as a creative and sexual catalyst for a new chapter in her life.

Chris begins to vent her feelings about Dick in a series of letters that are, at first, private, but eventually become public. Once that happens, the show takes a turn for farcical, but it’s super interesting. The show is art about art, and often muses on the struggle of women in creative fields.

The buzz:  It’s getting some pretty good feedback, especially as an academic contribution to the popular culture. The New York Times says, “Watching I Love Dick is like attending an exhibition for which the artist has supplied her own curator’s notes. It’s an experience as much as a story: arresting, disorienting and provocative. It’s also very conscious of explaining to you how and why it arrests, disorients and provokes.”

Where to watch: Amazon.