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The Sinner – August 2

Starring: Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman

Premise: This show  tells the story of a young mother, Cora,  (Biel) who inexplicably commits a horrible act of violence in front.She is over come by a fit of rage and can’t understand why she would do such a horrifying thing. The investigator assigned to the case (Pullman) becomes obsessed, not with the idea of if she did, but with the why of the matter.

He presses to get to the heart of her hidden motive, all the while uncovering her darkest secrets. Together they sort through her very troubled psyche and unearth some very unsettling events in her past.

The USA vehicle is an 8 episode, closed-ended series that provides a really juicy opportunity for Jessica Biel to show off her acting chops.

The buzz: The series debuted its pilot at the Tribeca Film Festival to high praise. The Hollywood Reporter who saw the first episode at the Festival has this to say about it, “I can’t tell you if the “why” relates to something quasi-religious (seems likely), quasi-supernatural (seems possible) or quasi-psychological (almost certainly). That’s where the theme is. That’s where the subtext is. That’s where the show is.”

Where to watch: USA