The trailer for The Gifted is here and we’re already on board


If you love the X-Men, get ready for The Gifted. This X-Men inspired show is going to have you on the edge of your seats and this is just the trailer.

If you don’t know much about The Gifted, don’t worry. You’re in for quite the ride. In the newest trend of adapting television shows to the X-Men universe, we’re getting another MCU television show about our favorite mutants.

Showing a family where, from what we can tell from the trailer, revolves around a father who puts mutants in jail, we learn that they are not sure whether or not the X-Men still exist. To help better explain what’s going on, here is the trailer.

See what we mean? Stephen Moyer (True Blood) is playing the father of two mutants who are seemingly afraid to tell their father because of his career. But through a series of circumstances, he finds out about his children and still is a pretty cool dad about it.

It’s honestly refreshing to see. Sometimes, the X-Men universe can get a little upsetting with how people react to the mutants in their lives. So the fact that this show is telling us in the trailer that Moyer’s character will turn around for the sake of his children is a promising addition to an already pretty awesome promo.

But maybe that’s just because anything to do with the X-Men can be exciting. It’s such an amazingly rich world that fans are on board for pretty much anything X-Men related we get. And this show looks like a great addition to the universe that’s already out there that we love so much.

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Check back here on Culturess when The Gifted airs for more news and recaps. Because if you’re anything like us, you’re excited about this amazing new show!