Not all ideas are good ideas in new Orange is the New Black trailer


Netflix dropped a big trailer for Orange is the New Black season 5 and it shows Litchfield falling to the inmates as the time for change nears.

Every year around this time, Netflix takes us back to Litchfield to check in with all the inmates. Last season, we traveled down a much darker path than previous seasons as different factions became more powerful within the prison. As usual, Orange is the New Black tackled heavier topics like racism, but they really went the extra mile to show how inmates handle that conversation. Unfortunately, as the tensions rose, Maria’s group branded Piper with a horrible tattoo, the security guards got out of control, and fan-favorite Poussey Washington died at the end of the season.

So as we get ready for season 5, we prepare ourselves for the aftermath of Poussey’s death and the toll it takes on the inmates. According to the newest trailer from Netflix, it looks like the inmates revolt will grow. In season 5, they will find themselves in the position to make some demands, especially concerning the treatment of inmates within Litchfield.

Check it out:

Obviously, the problems stemmed from Caputo’s inability to control the security guards. And the guards’ resulting brutality further opened the door for the inmates brutality against each other. Now, it looks like the inmates will unite once again … if only just a little.

Because it’s Orange is the New Black, you can still expect everyone to get on each other’s cases. But this trailer pretty much featured a little bit of everyone and gave us a pretty good idea of how everyone’s feeling. While Daya seems angry, Taystee wants to take her usual route for justice as Mendoza appears to fall apart and Big Boo dons a suit for the camera presumably.

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The entirety of Orange is the New Black season 5 hits Netflix on June 9.