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Teresa flips tables – Real Housewives of New Jersey

Perhaps one of the most iconic moments in Bravo history, this table flip cemented the franchise in popular culture history. Teresa Giudice was the breakout star of the early seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her feud with cast mate, Danielle, was to blame (thank?).

Back then, with far less poise, grace, and help from a professional public relations manager, Teresa was the epitome of Jersey new-money. She mispronounced words, catered to her chauvinist husband, and had a temper that would burn you by proximity.

This particular feud was over some nonsense that appeared in a book written by Danielle’s ex-husband. The details are far less important that the crazy that Teresa unleashed at that dinner party.

It started out as a little light yelling, but it quickly escalated to table banging and then, thankfully, table flipping. And don’t forget the ever-useful phrase, “prostitution whore.” It’s a handy insult that I often trot out to this day.

Teresa has since gone through a whole personal transformation thing, thanks in part to jail. She’s no longer the brassy, Jersey stereotype she was in those days, but I’ll always be grateful to her for cementing my love for the Housewives franchise and this network. They never disappoint.