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Jen melts down when she’s eliminated – Top Chef

The whole point of a competition reality show is to humiliate the contestants and grind them into submission. Everybody knows this. Well, everyone except Jen Carroll. She wasn’t having any of this, as she stood in front of the Judges Table on the first season of Top Chef Allstars. 

She was confrontational, aggressive and just downright combative. Although, in a real life situation, this is probably closer to a legitimate reaction to someone criticizing your hard work, but it’s unforgivable on reality TV.

When head judge Tom Coliccichio questions her plating decisions, she tells him she thought the judges would be “smart enough” to ask for something different. When he’s critical of her seasoning, she is downright repugnant. She flat out says they are wrong, and there is “no doubt” that she’s right.

You kind of have to hand it to her. Instead of just putting her head down, accepting the cruel criticism, and then thanking them for the opportunity, she stood up for her own hard work, and didn’t take their heat. Contestants on reality competitions just don’t do that, because, well, you know. Elimination and all