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Kristen tells her manager what she can do – Vanderpump Rules

Kristen Doute was made for reality television. On a good day, she has very little knowledge of others’ boundaries and the common social contract. She’s also a pretty heavy duty alcoholic, so on bad days, she’s drunk on Pinot Grigio, sloppily making a spectacle of herself. She really is the best.

In this particular moment on Vanderpump Rules, Kristen has turned up at her place of employment, on her day off, and gets … you guessed it … sloppy drunk on the patio. When manager, Diana, tries to confront her, she is openly hostile and actually tells her to, “F**k off,” and then takes it one step further. She shouts, “Suck a d**k.” To her manager. Of the place she currently works. If nothing else, this girl has some balls.

Kristen has very poor decision-making skills. At one point or another, she’s gone after almost everyone on the show. No one is safe from her Pinot-fueled wrath, and she even had the nerve to get salty with Lisa Vanderpump. Of course, this went very poorly, and Lisa wound up firing her. But to LVP’s credit, she gave her far more chances that any other boss would have. Kristen really did have nine lives at SUR restaurant. Too bad she burned through every single one of them.