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Eddie jumps into the ocean to get away from Adrienne – Below Deck

Adrienne really gets a bad rap on the ship drama, Below Deck. She may have seemed like she hated fun and tried to make everyone’s life miserable, but she was really good for the show. So, we forgive her.

When she turned up in the season 2 premiere, it was pretty evident that Eddie had some strong feelings about her presence on the beach. The fact that he found his only exit was to turn on his heels and swim into the ocean is indicative of a pretty healthy dislike between the two.

I do have some questions about his choice of escape. What was the larger plan? Was he just going to swim back to the little boat and hide out there? And hide until when? She obviously saw him, but I guess he wasn’t concerned with the fallout of her reaction. He was just so preoccupied with getting the heck out of there, he just chose the quickest way to get out of the fray.

As a point of reference, this was also the episode that brought us the case of the mysterious pillow stain that caused quite a stir for the cast. We’re not saying it was human DNA, but they certainly thought it was.