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Brooks fakes cancer – Real Housewives of Orange County

In the history of a reality show, there hasn’t been anything as gross and awful as this … ever. This man, who was the exclusive partner to Vicki Gunvalson faked a bout of cancer and duped everyone into thinking he was a sick man. There’s not enough showers in the world to wash off the stink of this catastrophe.

It started innocently enough, with Vicki claiming her boyfriend, Brooks, had some kind of unnamed cancer. It first, it seems like he was tricking her too. But as the amateur sleuths of Orange County dug further and further into his claims, it became pretty clear that Vicki was in on the whole ruse.

Out of loyalty to her man, or her desire to remain relevant to the show, she went along with the whole thing. She produced medical records, vouched for his care, and got way too defensive when folks questioned anything. She even likened herself to “Jesus on the cross” when people asked questions she couldn’t answer.

It doesn’t seem like the other ladies in the OC would have time to do all that detective work, what with all their day drinking, yoga, and shopping. But they carved out the enough time to launch an investigation into Brooks’ cancer claims, and turns out, they were right. He never had cancer, and they faked it all. Vicki even had the nerve to act as representative for a cancer charity in the wake of her scandal. It just doesn’t get worse than this.