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Landon declares her love for Shep – Southern Charm

Southern Charm is probably the best show on Bravo right now. I love it so much. It’s got everything I need to enjoy a show: pretty, damaged people, petty drama that makes me feel better about my personal values, and a Southern setting. It delivers on ever level.

When I watched this little bit of awkwardness last season, I knew this show was my spirit animal. Quiet, neo-hippie Landon is recently divorced and has since developed a crush on womanizer, Shep. Sure, Shep is charming and handsome, and obscenely rich, but he’s also and emotional toddler who finds it impossible to sustain an adult relationship. Naturally, Landon thinks it’s best to not only reveal her crush, but to actually declare real love. It went about as well as you can imagine, and Shep reacted exactly like we needed him to.

And Shep reacts like this

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Everything that followed this actual spittake was just as uncomfortable and unseemly, and he handled it like the boy-man he really is. Thankfully, Landon has a pretty high threshold for humiliation, and didn’t let it get her down. They maintained their friendship, but the memory of this moment still lingers like a bad smell.