Harry Potter and Star Wars: Is there a connection between the two?


For fans of Harry Potter and Star Wars, an impossible crossover of the two would have brought us joy but there are comparisons between these epics.

Harry Potter and Star Wars have a lot of comparisons but there is one we’re going to focus on today. From filming in London to very engaged fans and now, to theme parks, these series inspire us day in and day out.

But you know what is most important about these series? Hermione Granger and Leia Organa. As a young girl growing up, these two characters helped shape me into the strong woman I am today. If you looked around the Womens March, you know who’s pictures graced the posters around DC, NYC, LA and cities across the world?

You guessed it, Hermione and Leia. Because they taught us that we could be brave, we could be smart, and we could save the boys. When you think about it, Luke and Han and Harry and Ron would have all been dead had it not been for Hermione and Leia.

We’d have no story to love without these two women. They should us that ‘books and cleverness’ could be enough. That we can be a well respected general and a princess. And it’s just a wonderful thing that female fans of these series get. We have these two brilliant characters to look up to and grow from and that’s something special.

For so many years, we lacked truly amazing female characters but we could always turn to Leia and Hermione for guidance so we thank them both for all the inspiration they’ve given us.

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Basically Hermione Jane Granger and Princess Leia Organa gave women strength. We grew up with them and to this day, they make us stronger.