The Battle of Hogwarts anniversary is upon us and that means a new regretful death


Every year, J.K Rowling apologizes for the death of someone on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and this year is…questionable.

The Battle of Hogwarts brings with it the apology of J.K Rowling. Every year, she apologizes for a character’s death. Here’s the thing: I don’t remember her ever apologizing for the worst one of all. Why? Because it was unnecessary and not supposed to happen.

But more on that later. Today, J.K Rowling’s latest apology? One that doesn’t really make any sense.

See here’s the thing: without his death, Snape is not really the character people love. His death brought a redemption to the character that has many conflicted. So unless she planned on him revealing everything to Harry, saving him, then still living, Snape wouldn’t be as high up on our lists.

You know who was murdered for the sake of Arthur Weasley and should be redeemed? Sirius Black. Now look, I know I’m the biggest Sirius Black stan to walk the planet but still. He deserved so much more than he got.

So what was my response to J.K Rowling?

Because really, I’m not wrong. He finally found Harry and the two had a makeshift family that was supportive and wonderful and then Rowling went and killed him because she didn’t want to kill Arthur Weasley. Look I like Arthur Weasley but Harry and Sirius deserved more than that.

Sirius Black was so important and if you don’t believe me, please read all my articles explaining how important he is. No really, there are tons.

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What character do you wish J.K Rowling would apologize for? Sound off in the comments below! Spoiler alert, I’ll continually just say Sirius Black until I’m blue in the face and I don’t even care if she’s apologized already or not.