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The Path – Hulu

Everybody is fascinated by a cult. There is something so interesting about diving into the psychology of a group of people who are all so devoted to nontraditional ideas. The Path is an exploration into world of an alternative to traditional religion, and puts viewers smack dab in the middle of the Meyerist Movement, which combines aspects of a New Age philosophy with Scientology and shamanism.

I could watch a show purely about this cocktail of spiritual beliefs, but The Path mostly focuses on the Lane family. As the co-leader of the contemporary movement, Sarah Lane is one of the most enlightened and devoted congregants, and she shares responsibility with Cal. Sarah’s husband, Eddie, has a crisis of faith when he learns things about the movement that unsettle him. He starts to doubt, and a lot of bad stuff starts to go down.

With both seasons available on Hulu right now, you can burn through this mystery/suspense/religious show in a matter of days — if that’s your thing. It will certainly remind you of some religious movements that have been in the news of late, and it will certainly make you examine your own belief system.

Starring: Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy