40 binge-worthy TV shows: Watch them all right now because who needs sleep

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Dawson’s Creek – Hulu

Dawson’s Creek is reliably one of the most ’90s shows out there, and it pretty much set the precedent for every show about teenage melodrama since. You can draw a direct line from all the most popular YA shows right back to this drama, and you can see why it was so popular.

This show aired on the network that made the teen soap a household staple, The WB. It was the story of nerdy Dawson Leery and his crush on girl next door Joey Potter. Their gang included terminal screw-up Pacey Whitter, and the New York transplant, Jen Lindley.

They spoke to each other in soliloquies and had a fresh existential crisis each week. It’s a lot to take, but if you can get past all the pretentious airs — and I know you can — it’s like a little time capsule.

Every crop top, stacked flip flop, and ’90s ballad is like a time machine that takes me right back to my misspent youth. If you’re not too young to remember Dawson’s Creek on it’s first run, you know this show is one of the best examples of teen dramas. If you are, take a shot and check it out.

Starring: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams