There could be a 2017 Writers Strike: What you need to know


Back in 2007, there was a writers’ strike that struck us to our core. And now it seems as if 2017 might be fairing the same way.

Whenever there is a writers’ strike, the world suddenly realizes the importance of the writers. Late night shows suffer, our favorite television is put on hold and all of Hollywood is at a standstill. And right now, we might be on the eve of another strike.

They have until midnight tonight, according to Variety, to come to an agreement or the strike will go on. So what does that mean for you? Well, all your favorite late night shows will either be on hold or go on without a script. There will be no new Saturday Night Live or Ellen or any of your shows really.

It doesn’t bother commercials or things of that nature and all online publications will still run. But television, as we know it, will be at a standstill. The last time this happened, we ended up losing Pushing Daisies. And if that doesn’t make you wish they would pay the writers more, I don’t know what will.

And, for me personally, this strike would mean no Chris Pine Saturday Night Live. Which breaks my heart because I’ve been so excited for this episode and I would be devastated if it ended up canceled because of the strike. Hopefully though none of this matters and everything ends up better for the writers. Because in the end, they’re the ones we should be idolizing. It’s their work we love so much.

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Check back in on Culturess tomorrow when we have more details on the possible strike and all that happened by midnight tonight. Hopefully it gets sorted because we love our television shows and writers make them possible!