What Would You Do with the Time Turner if You Could Use it?


The time turner has become a staple of the Harry Potter series but what would you do if you could get your hand on one to use in your life?

We have learned that using a time turner to go back too far in time can have disastrous results. Or at least that’s what was implied in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but you can go back in time small amounts and it’s fine! So how would you use your time turner?

Would you abuse it and go back too far in time to change things? Or would you follow the rules? Personally, I would use it for whenever I say something stupid and want to take it back. As someone who talks a lot, I often say things I regret. So I would just use mine to fix those mistakes.

But you could, in essence, go back even further in time. Albus and Scorpius did and it ruined everything and then they had to go back and try and fix it all. But if you knew that it could change the world as you know it but you could change everything bad with the world, would you do it?

It’s a hard question and many ask that in regards to time travel in general but the time turner is a completely different ball game. It isn’t meant to go back that far and if it did, what would happen? So really, what would you do? Would you risk it all just to try and make the world better or would you be too afraid?

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So what would you do? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you would do!