Maggie Smith is the Best McGonagall We’ll Ever Have and We Love Her


We all love Maggie Smith and she is the best McGonagall so we are just appreciating this amazing woman that we all love so much.

Maggie Smith is incredible in everything she does. From her roles in her earlier career to her role in Downton Abbey and more, she is awesome in every role she takes on. So how lucky we all are to have had her in the Harry Potter series.

The thing about Maggie is that not only is she a great actress, but she is so strong for all those who work with her. Remember the last Harry Potter movie? Well Maggie had cancer and was sick but fought through it to film and kept it a secret from the crew.

She didn’t want her illness to take away from her performance or from those she was working with. So not only is she a hero for her work, but she is so incredibly strong for fighting off cancer while still being a professional.

And really, there would have been no better choice for Minerva McGonagall. She is a strong woman who is fiercely loyal and protective over those close to her, much like Maggie herself. And really, it is just fascinating to look back on her work in the franchise and how much she gave us fans.

She brought to life this extremely important character and she did it with an ease like no other. So here is to Maggie, the woman who taught us all to be strong and to be professional and that we can do anything as long as we believe in ourselves.

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So basically, Maggie Smith is glorious and such a strong woman. We love her and we’re so lucky to have had her as McGonagall.