Adults in Harry Potter: Why Most of Them are Terrible Role Models


Most teen novels give adults a bad name. Mainly because when you’re a teenager, you’re not too fond of them but Harry Potter does it even better.

Adults in the Harry Potter universe are some of the most interesting characters around. Mainly because you’re seeing them in situations surrounding younger children or teenagers. But it is a bit strange that we love these adult characters without correlating how they’re treating children?

For instance, we look at Severus Snape. He treated Harry terribly but we tend to forgive the things he’s done because of things that were revealed later. But I think that part of the problem is that we see Harry as older than he actually is. So we forgive the things Snape has done to him because we pretend that he didn’t act that way to a child.

It’s the same thing with Dumbledore. He entrusted so much to Harry because it was his ‘destiny’ but really Harry was just a child. Again it is just the way we see this series. We get that Harry was 11 when the series started as a whole.

Even Sirius, who I personally love the best, saw Harry has just a connection to his old best friend. He saw him as his godson but he also saw James in him and relied too much on him for a 13 year old.

It is just a strange thing. We see these adults and we idolize them and we love them but we don’t really hold them accountable for their actions. Which is weird since we hold the children more accountable then the adult characters int he series.

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So basically, it is a weird thing to realize when you think about it. If you think