Harry James Potter is a Drama Queen and That’s Why We Love Him


When it comes to sass, there is no bigger drama queen than Harry James Potter himself. But really, would we have him any other way?

Harry James Potter loves to be a drama queen. You know how I know that? Because he literally looked at his son and said he wished he wasn’t his son sometimes. What parent does that? Well, Harry. That’s what parent does that.

But he’s always been that way. Since the first book he’s been sassy. Even the slightest inconvenience results in some wise crack from Harry Potter, the boy who lived.  And maybe that’s why most of the Harry Potter fans tend to be a little quicker on their feet when it comes to insults and snark.

Our whole lives we’ve been reading about this snarky little boy and now that it is our turn to be a little smart with someone, we take it. Or maybe that’s just me. But I’m also a huge drama queen so I love every time Harry gets a little too sassy with someone.

But really that’s all he had the option to do as a kid. He wasn’t particularly strong before he became a wizard so every time the Dursley’s were rude to him, there was nothing else he could do other than come back with some witty line.

He had to use his brain and also his father was known for being a bit of a snarker too. But really, it’s just fun to watch this drama queen run around and save the wizarding world for a dark wizard.

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Do you have a favorite sassy Harry Potter line? Let us know in the comment what your favorite Drama Queen Harry Potter moment is! And trust me, there are a lot to choose from.