Bill Nye Does ‘Stranger Things’ in New Mashup Teaser


Netflix seems to be taking the multiverse theory from Stranger Things and applying it to all their new programming.

In preparation for the second season of Stranger Things, Netflix has released some fun (and hilarious) mashups to also promote some new shows.  Last week they released a teaser for their Mystery Science Theater 3000 redux, in which the hosts picked apart the first two minutes of Stranger’s Chapter 1. This week we get a video of Bill Nye explaining multiverse theory, the idea behind The Upside Down dimension in Stranger. As it turns out, this little video serves as a promo for Nye’s new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World.

All of this is very exciting for the older millennial set. For my part, I can remember catching reruns of MST3K and Bill Nye The Science Guy on television after school, and ET was one of my favorite films growing up (the parallels between a classic like ET and Stranger Things are overwhelming). With the return of both MST3K and Bill Nye to (streaming) TV, it seems as if millennials are grabbing the proverbial reins and showing younger generations just what was so good about pop culture growing up in the eighties and nineties. “Back in my day…” etc. Jeez, I sound like such a curmudgeon.

I think part of the reason shows like this are making a resurgence isn’t only out of nostalgia; like all remakes, they’re tapping into a ready-made audience in millennials. As we depart emerging adulthood and start to age into our thirties and forties, we are drawn to remakes with strong ties to our childhood, like Beauty and the Beast or Power Rangers. These stories have been rebooted to resonate with our offspring as well as us, and to reflect the changing times. And boy, Netflix really knows how to harness all this and funnel it into my building excitement for Stranger Things’ second season.

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Stranger Things

Season 2 will drop around Halloween 2017 (appropriate).



Bill Nye Saves The World

are streaming now on Netflix.