The Significance of a Harry Potter Tattoo: My Deathly Hallows


Many of us out in the world have Harry Potter tattoos. They’re not really original but each of us have our reasoning behind them so here is mine!

When people hear that I have a Harry Potter tattoo, I get a lot of different reactions. Many question my tattoo and why I got it while others are just concerned that I got a very typical tattoo. Which they’re not wrong. I got the Deathly Hallows symbol when the series came to an end and I got it for a reason.

From the time I moved to California at the age of 10 until the films ended, the series was always very important to me and my two best friends. We would talk about the characters and the movies together and two of us loved the books and would go to the midnight releases together to get them.

So when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, we realized that we were very much like the three brothers. My best friend Jessica is obsessed with royalty and being the best and wanting to always be the best one there is. So we said she was the Elder Wand.

I am a very sentimental person. I cry over everything and I would give the world to have my loved ones back in my life. So they named me the Resurrection Stone. And really, I live up to that title daily.

My other best friend, Brittany, is always the one who just wants to get out of trouble. She wants to go home and live her life in peace. So she was the Invisibility Cloak. So to me, my Deathly Hallows tattoo means the world.

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Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is no ‘basic’ Harry Potter tattoos. We all have our reasons for them and they’re all important.