Zachary Quinto Didn’t Know Anything About Star Trek 4 and Everyone Flipped Out


The latest in freak outs over nothing, fans lost their minds when Zachary Quinto said nothing is guaranteed in regards to the Star Trek series.

The latest in “a celebrity said this, so let’s all freak out” came from our lovely Zachary Quinto. In an interview about his movie Aardvark, he talked about his past roles and eventually, they got to talking about Spock.

Zachary very calmly explained the timing of those movies and that they were working on a script, but that he didn’t know anything. He said there aren’t any guarantees, but they’re all excited to do more Star Trek films.

You know what fans and other news sources heard? That they aren’t making any more. For reference, here is the entire interview:

See? Did he say there would be no more? Did he act like they would never in a million years film another Star Trek with the cast of the reboot? No. But that didn’t stop the internet from losing their minds.

Don’t worry everyone, they’re going to keep making these movies as long as ZQ, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho, Simon Pegg, and Zoe Saldana stay on. With those big names and the dedicated fan base to back it, they’re not going to cash out on that mega hit just yet.

So right now, no one knows news on a script or when we’ll see another Star Trek, but what we can get from Zachary’s interview is that they are working on a script. Convenient that everyone decided to forget that part of the interview happened. They’d rather scream “NO MORE STAR TREK???” than actually listen.

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