15 Differences Between the New and Old “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

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Tom Servo can hover

The enhancements to Tom Servo are less noticeable than on Crow. Honestly, has anything really changed about him? He’s still made out of a gumball machine. I think the one noticeable change is that his slinky arms are a little more rigid and not as floppy as they used to be. His colors feel a little bit brighter, too.

But the one big change comes in a grandiose, sing-song statement from Tom himself. “I can flyyyyyy! But… only in the theater,” he exclaims, sounding a little bummed. What kind of tech does Jonah have that only works in the movie theater? How fancy are we getting?

I had read a comment before watching any episodes where someone complained about the overuse (or gimmicky use) of Servo’s new hovering.

So I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. But then he moved across the theater seats, floated up and around a character’s face onscreen (with an uttered “excuse me”), and then hovered mid-screen as two smokestacks appeared.

“Pink Floyd’s Animals,” he says, and immediately I was sold.

Plus, I mean, he does have a hover skirt. It makes sense. And it’s just a show. We should really just relax.