15 Differences Between the New and Old “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

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The new Mads are different, but still very similar

The Forresters have always been an integral part of MST3K. As in, they’ve always been the antagonists to our lovable hosts stuck on the Satellite of Love. They’ve had a lot of pent-up anger at our affable host(s).

And while neither Clayton nor Pearl is the new Mad torturing our Gizmonics cohort, it’s still in the Forrester line. Heck, there’s even a Pearl cameo in an episode (which makes me really happy)!

Felicia Day already has a lot of nerd credit, and it seems like Joel always had her in mind when it came to the new Mad. She fits in pretty well, playing the villain who’s trying to hard to create their legacy. Or rebrand the not-great legacy her family has left her/abandoned. Basically, she fits the Forrester mold and even if you aren’t her biggest fan, it doesn’t detract from the show itself.

Her new second banana is Patton Oswalt as TV’s Son of TV’s Frank. He’s just… he’s so perfect. How else can you describe everything that he brings to the character? He and Day work so well together doing their evil Mads schtick.

And can you picture anyone else other than Patton Oswalt as a descendant of TV’s Frank? Even if his name is actually Max…