15 Differences Between the New and Old “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

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Screen shot credit Netflix

The hallway has been updated

One of the super fun things about the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is that while they did have funding to do things, they still kept that low-budget feel. The hallway to the movie theater has also been upgraded into the new age.

Except that it’s still a very low-budget thing. And it’s perfection.

Because this time, you’re moving through functional areas of the ship. And by that I mean one section is their beds, one is the laundry room, one is the bathroom, and the last few are kind of garage areas where it looks like Jonah tinkers. You can see an extra Crow head on the left-hand side right before we get to the theater itself.

My dad taught me a lot of things, but one that I always try to take to heart is: You can only experience something for the first time once, so take it all in. (This was said in reference to our first time riding Expedition Everest in Walt Disney World, but it’s still a good life lesson.)

So when I sat down with my family and loaded up the first episode, I took a deep breath as the Movie Sign happened and took it all in for the first time, happy as can be.