20 of the Worst Superhero Costumes

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Image via DC Comics

13. Whatever They Did To Zatanna In 2011

Zatanna Zatara, one of the greatest sorcerers in all of DC comics, has a pretty established costume. She dresses like a classic magician in a top hat and suit, though with the unfortunate subtraction of pants. Don’t female superheroes ever get to wear pants? Instead, she has to wear fishnets and high-cut briefs. She’s a formidable superhero, but just can’t seem to hold onto more than a shred of dignity. Did anyone ever make Dr. Strange wear bikini bottoms? Which one of you wants to pitch that to Marvel first?

Yet, this standard look wasn’t the worst costume for poor Zatanna. In 2011, DC decided to shake up the Flash’s storyline with an event known as “Flashpoint”. Barry Allen, the Flash, decides to use his powers of running really fast to somehow go back in time and prevent his mother’s death. Naturally, he screws up the timeline and returns to a very strange world.

Strange indeed is this world’s version of Zatanna. If you thought her pants-less stage costume was bad, look away now. For this Zatanna was wearing some low-low-rider pants, complete with matching underwear. She also wore a bra and some sort of weird leather vest. Basically, Flashpoint Zatanna rolled out of bed, but on her skimpiest underwear, and then stole and defaced a pre-teen’s jeans.

Fans were aghast at the hypersexualized turn. Thankfully, this Zatanna disappeared when the Flash did away with the multiverse and touched off The New 52 event.