Dame Maggie Smith Talks Starring in Harry Potter and Acting


We love her for her role as Minerva McGonagall but Dame Maggie Smith has quite the career and she reflected on it and her role in the Harry Potter series.

Mugglenet reported about Dame Maggie Smith talking about her career and, more importantly, her role in the Harry Potter series. To many, Minerva McGonagall was the first woman of authority they really remember reading about and loving.

She was strong and compassionate and only wanted the best for her students. So when she defended her students against Snape, many of us got emotional. For obvious reasons but still, McGonagall is amazing.

But when asked about where her love of acting and the arts came from, her answer was quite surprising.

"I don’t know where it came from. Maybe my brothers? They always made me laugh. They used to do amateur dramatics with Ronnie Barker (one-half British comedy duo, the Two Ronnies), and they did a production of Hobson’s Choice, and I remember listening to the lines that my brothers were trying to learn and thinking ‘what’s the problem?’ because I learnt them all so swiftly."

Even more surprising? Maggie never attended drama school. So she’s constantly learning and trying to figure out her craft, just like the rest of us aspiring actors.

"At least in the theatre you can go – ‘oh, I’ll give it another go tomorrow night’ – but it’s forever [on screen]. You always think – ‘why on earth did I do it like that?’ And there’s no going back."

You can watch the full interview with CBS Morning News here.

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Basically, Maggie Smith is amazing. She filmed the final Harry Potter movie with cancer and didn’t tell anyone so they’d have wonderful performances and she prevailed because Maggie is an incredible woman and we love her.