Chris Evans is Set to Make his Broadway Debut in Lobby Hero


Kenneth Lonergan’s play Lobby Hero is coming to Broadway and the hunk of our dreams, Chris Evans, is coming with it along with Michael Cera!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Evans is coming to Broadway folks. Now for fans of the theatre as well as celebrities, that means we get some sweet stagedoor pictures without having to spend hundreds of dollars at a comic con to get one.

It also means seeing one of our favorite celebrities live and in the flesh. Which is part of the fun. As someone who just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park with George, it truly is magical watching someone you idolize from their film work performing in front of you.

So now we’ll get to have that experience with Captain America himself. Kenneth Lonergan, yes the man who just tore our hearts out with Manchester by the Sea, wrote the play and it is set to star Chris and Michael Cera.

While we know Chris is a great actor, it may be surprising to you all that Michael Cera is actually very mesmerizing while on stage. I saw him in This Is Our Youth and was pleasantly surprised. So basically, this production of Lobby Hero is going to be pretty great and we get to see Chris Evans in the flesh.

Not much to complain about, just a lot of excitement. It is set to be a part of Second Stage’s season for next year and the production will go up in March of 2018. So save up your money now, you’ll want the best seats for this show!

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Pretty much, get excited everyone. But also get your money ready. If I know anything about Marvel and Chris Evans fans, they work fast! So you will want to get your tickets while you can!