50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Claire Underwood – House of Cards

Scary isn’t usually a fashion compliment, but when it comes to TV’s favorite first lady, it absolutely is. Claire Underwood’s unique style is streamlined and classic, mirroring her cool and menacing demeanor.

You won’t find Claire in any busy patterns or bright colors, but she isn’t one to fade into the background. Far from a wallflower, her muted, threatening countenance is obvious the first time you see her. She can cut you in half with a glance, and make you afraid for everything you hold dear without ever raising her voice. What else does she need besides a simple shift dress and a classic pump?

As a woman in politics, Claire has to ride the line of conservative yet still feminine. Those traditional blouses and trousers could easily slide into boring and rote, but that’s not how Claire does anything. She is well aware of how beautiful she is, and she’s smart enough to utilize some of her most appealing physical assets to win her favor.

In a parallel universe, Claire could easily be mistaken for royalty. But in this one, she is a possible sociopath that is just as likely to murder you than have a cross word with you.